Anonymous asked: Can you write the confessions in a white text on a black background on a picture so they're easier to read?

I really like using interracial pictures (I think they’re so fucking cute) but I’ll try making the confessions easier to read. 

Anonymous asked: I'm a black 'tard who can't get no one so if it's a whitey that's my bag of tea. Whoever likes me, gets me.

So are you saying that if blacks don’t want you, whites will?

That’s not very nice thing to say at all. 

OMG, they actually date in the show? I mean, it’s a weird ass couple for sure but they are a better fit than the black guy in the show. 

(via blackwomeninlove)

Anonymous asked: I want to find some cute white guys ! Help !!

It’s important to see white guys (or any guys) as human beings and not race. It will be extremely transparent if you don’t and the relationship won’t last long. No one wants to be treated as an object. Now that I’m off my high horse, develop hobbies where white guys probably congregate. Start running in parks, go to sporting events, start playing video games and hit up matches etc. Make sure that you are genuine and not just trying to meet guys. If you see a guy you like, talk to them! Make it clear that you’re interested and back off. If he likes you, he’ll make the effort. 

Anonymous asked: You really should respect people's rights to privacy and not just use their photos without consent.

I’m so sick of these comments.

#1: If I use your photo and you do not approve, I will gladly take the photo down.

#2: If you put a something on the internet, you give up your right to privacy.

#3: Followers of my blog understand that the photos and the confessions are separate. I use the photos that best illustrate the confessions of my followers.

#4: It takes me a long time to find a photo that I feel is best for this blog. I put a lot of effort into this and if you don’t like it, unfollow and fuck off. 

*I will no longer be responding to comments of this nature from anons on this blog*

blackwomenasianmen asked: I respect your blog but i need you to take the photo with the AMBW couple holding hands with the caption " Confession: I’m black and I tend to only be attracted to Asian men" that is a picture of my boyfriend and I , and I don't want something like that written over it. I'd suggest you using pictures of models or stock photos because using someones photo, especially without their permission can piss them off. especially when writing something like that over it

I have no problems taking down photos if requested. However, I will continue to use and edit the photos that I feel is best for my blog. I can’t (and won’t) run this blog based on trying to make everyone happy.